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Apex Herbals Now Carries Lifewave X39

Stem Cell Activator Patches!

LifeWave X-39 Patches feature advanced stem cell activation technology and phototherapy technology for a a unique well-being experience. Utilizing gentle light, these non-transdermal patches aim to support a balanced energy flow without the use of drugs or stimulants. Drug-free, Non-stimulant support for yor overall well-being, consisting exclusive design to provide unique wellness benefits. Each pack includes one sleeve of 30 patches, ensuring a month-long supply for your personalized journey to well being. Every X-39 patch of 30 is meticulously crafted and different from other offering unique wellness experience from others.

  • Your body emits heat, including heat in the infrared spectrum. Our patches are designed to trap this infrared energy when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect it back to stimulate specific points on the skin that can promote a general state of health and healthy activity unique to each LifeWave patch. 
  • The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. As far back as two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had a center for studying the effects of different colored lights on the body. Even the ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept. 
  • Each patch is exclusively designed to reflect particular wavelengths of energy that stimulate specific points on the skin. This enables each patch to provide unique wellness benefits to the user. No drugs or chemicals enter your body.
  • New technology stimulates the skin with low levels of light, resulting in improved energy flow Supports improved exercise performance Supports improvements in strength and stamina Supports overall health and well-being No drugs or stimulants Patented
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From Non-Alcoholic Carbonated & Non-Carbonated Sodas, Lemonades & Iced Teas, and CBD Seltzers
to Wine Alternatives

We Have Summer Gatherings Covered!

“Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul as We Welcome New Spring Healthy Alternatives to Elevate Your Best Self at Apex Herbals.”

Let’s Welcome New Experiences to Good Health, Together.

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Apex Herbals Loves Pets Like Family

Do you love your furbabies as much as Apex Herbals does? If you are like us, we take care of our pets like family. Apex Herbals has plenty of CBD options for pain, inflammation, bladder health, seizures, illnesses and more to keep your pet happy and healthy. Stop in today to see our pet options at Apex Herbals!

Do you have a dog in your household? Or, do you have multiple dogs of various breeds and sizes? All dog owners know waste removal is a chore. Cheap bags break apart and create a mess. Sometimes you need a bigger & stronger bag for bigger messes. Caught your attention? Look no further! Apex Herbals has teamed up with Crap Happens Poop Bags of Canton, Ohio to bring you the best in dog waste removal bags guaranteed to be bigger and hold up stronger than the competition. Grab a box of Crap Happens Bags today!

Looking For CBD Options Beyond Gummies, Tinctures, and Roll-ons?

Try the all-new mesmerizing Blue Planet Chocolate CBD Squares in three varieties now in-store at Apex Herbals!

Looking for Your Forever CBD Topical? Apex Herbals & Koi CBD Have You Covered.

Apex Herbals has some of the best CBD topicals in the industry from high-grade balms and roll-ons that will soothe your aches and pains away safely!

Need a New Quality Vitamin?

Do You Have Digestive or MTHFR gene issues?

The Emerald Company Is Your New Best Friend.

Apex Herbals has acquired some of the best absorbable vitamins in the industry from The Emerald Company that uses no additives and offers doctor-formulated supplements using superior forms of nutrients in therapeutic amounts for clinical results.

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