Holistic Nutrition Services

New Holistic Nutrition Services Available Now at Apex Herbals

We’d like to congratulate Emily at Apex Herbals as she recently graduated from her Holistic Nutrition Certification!

Are you looking for a new perspective on an existing health condition? Do you need a new vision and plan on your health? Frustrated your current health plan isn’t working? Look no further! Emily, our Certified Holistic Nutritionist on staff at Apex Herbals is here to help! For the month of August, she will be providing FREE consultations to new clients. Want to know how to get started? Curious?

  1. Click Here to Email Emily and strike up a conversation
  2. Call Apex at 330-587-2132 and ask for Emily
  3. Make an appointment on Emily’s Booking Website: www.harmonywellnessnutrition.com
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